About Us

About Us:
Uncovering Jax is a project of the University of North Florida, the Florida Times-Union and an advisory board of interested community members.  The content was created by University of North Florida Department of Communication students after consultation with the advisory board regarding important stories from Jacksonville’s history that had seldom been heard.

Vision Statement

To foster a strong and vibrant community in which all cultures are recognized, understood, respected and celebrated as valuate contributors to Jacksonville’s collective identity.

Mission Statement

To share with our community the stories of freedom and equality, injustice and struggle, loss and achievement, and courage and triumph of people who have been underrepresented in Jacksonville’s historical narrative.

Values Statement

We place heavy emphasis on the values of fundamental human dignity, interpersonal and cultural respect, embracing and celebrating cultural diversity, and a commitment to a noble pursuit of working together for the common good of the entire community.

Statement of Purpose

To educate our community about our rich cultural history in order to help inspire a pervasive environment of mutual respect and cooperation for all Jacksonville residents, regardless of culture.


Advisory Board
Paula Horvath, University of North Florida faculty and Florida Times-Union      Editorial Writer
Frank Goodin, University of North Florida faculty
Nataliya Roman, University of North Florida faculty
Dee Ott-Colvin, University of North Florida faculty
Mike Clark, Florida Times-Union Editorial Page Editor
Roger Brown, Florida Times-Union Editorial Writer

Ennis Davis, urban planner, Ghyabi & Associates, and founder of MetroJacksonville
Denise Reagan, senior PR manager, Brunet-Garcia Advertising
Alan Bliss, president, Jacksonville Historical Society and adjunct professor, University of North Florida
Lloyd Washington, president, Durkeeville Historical Society and J.P. Small Ballpark
Adonnica Tolar, museum administrator, Ritz Theatre and Museum
Joel McEachin, former historic preservationist, City of Jacksonville
Katie Mitura, vice president, Marketing and Communications at Visit Jacksonville
Adrienne Burke, assistant director, Nassau County Planning and Economic Development Department (FL)
Maria Hane, president, Museum of Science & History                                                Paul Bourcier, curator, Museum of Science & History

Ad Hoc Members
Jake Gordon, CEO at Downtown Vision Inc.
John Parmelee, department chair, Department of Communication, University of North Florida
Ken Thomas, Department of Communication, University of North Florida


Brianna Bartlett
Michael Card
Chase Carle
Alexia Carrasco
Steven Thompson
Jennifer Wilson Graham
Andrea Davis
Matthew Farina
LaTrania Tolbert
Kristina Smith
Alex Toth
Erin Garnett
James Donlon
Marc Mangra
Brett Raynor
Monique Jacobs
Rory Harper
Bailie Staton
Karassa Stinchcomb
Andres Castro
Jose Cisneros
Ryan Dee
Maxwell Disselkoen
Cody Hagerty
Robert Hessler
Jonathan Neely
Samantha Pabon
Chelsea Rafan
Kendall Russ
Jesse Warbuton
Andrew Willis
Ian Wilson
Haidy Andrada
Sabrina Ceniza
Shawn Clark
Brandon Diaz
Robert Hessler
Catherine King
Colbi King
Garrett Mantle
John McCrone
Aleksiya Philippov
Chelsea Rafan
Brent Reber
Shawki Saadeh
Jennifer Saliba
Colby Turner
Mark WrayAustin Bingham
Courtney Davidson
Alexander Enos
Chelsea Freitas
Nathalie Fridovich
Blake Howerton
Ryan Kader
Nicole Loiseau
Naser Music
Christian Nehrling
Cienna Richards
Alexis Rossow
Xavier Sever
Landon Toney
Brian Wiltsey
Fallon Demers
William Gallo
Clara Howington
Aerielle Moss
Sophia War
Haidy Andrada
Samuel Berlin
Hannah Carver
Dante Castaldo
Elisha Celestin
Sarah Clarke
Alexandra Freedman
Angelyn Garten
Caitlyn Hartman
Courtney Henderson
Lauren Hickox
Thomas Holmes
Rachel Kelly
Evan Kotzin
Austin Mumford
Lindsay Anderson
Savannah Cotton
Andrea Cottrill
Ronnesha Rodgers
Rachel Zwicker